A Course in Light Meditation Classes


Meditation and Light energy compliment your yoga practice and healing process.

  • Do you have difficulty meditating or sitting in silence without experiencing a lot of chatter in the mind?
  • Are you searching for a deeper understanding of Christ and finding that inner peace that is within you?

A Course in Light can help you calm the monkey mind and feel more balanced in your life.

  • It takes you on a journey to self discovery, personal growth and spiritual development.
  • It raises one’s awareness and teaches you how to clear imbalances in the physical, emotional and mental bodies.
  • Students learn about the different light energy chakras of the soul body and how each chakra effects and heals different aspects of who you are.

A Course in Light presents the wisdom of the Ascended Masters from the Order of Melchizedek and includes messages channeled by Antoinette (Toni) Moltzan; often regarded as one of the World’s most profound mediums.

A Course In Light is taught in  a group setting (by Annette Moltzan) where you will be able to share your individual experience with others as you embark on this amazing journey.  The course includes discussion, mediation and pranayama.

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